Small Business

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A lifestyle shoot for Small Business. What does that include? I come to your place of business and I capture images of your space, your operations in action. I photograph the main players, and the clientele if requested. My images capture and communicate the feeling of the experience that you offer to your clients, and help to showcase your brand in action. I offer a package designed for use on social media, with options to print and produce marketing materials. Your collection of imagery is diverse and can be used over a period of time, easing the pressure to create regular content for your website, Instagram or blog. My lengthy experience with working with seasonality and visual merchandising in global retail, is an asset in supporting you with your marketing images!

Branding Photoshoot

I can help you capture and communicate your brand identity with a custom designed photoshoot. I offer professional, high quality photographs that are formatted to shine on both web based platforms and in print. We can plan your images to capture the nature of your business, your products and you!



Inclusive image gallery in high and low resolution

5 Sneak Peek images released within 48 hours

From 10,000 sek

Subscription Photography

If you run a small business, you know how important marketing and social media is. It isn't easy to wear all the hats at the same time. I offer professional, high quality photographs that are formatted to shine on web based platforms. With a subscription, we can plan seasonal photo shoots that reflect the dynamic nature of your brand and keep your social media account fresh and up to date. Each brand is unique, and we design the subscription and the sessions after your needs.